Stacy Suits is running for Constable in Precinct 3 in Austin during the General Election on November 8th, 2016. Support real, proven leadership for Austin – GET INVOLVED TODAY! 


When I came to UT in 1972, I knew Austin was the place for me. I made my family here because I fell in love with the clean air, the green space and above all, the friendly people. Austin really is something special -- something truly worth protecting. Over the years, we’ve grown a lot – and it’s become a challenge to keep our community safe and our environment healthy.

That’s why I’m running for Travis County Constable in Precinct 3 and I am asking for your vote. How do you know I can do the job? Because I’ve done it before and I’ve done it well. 

As a democrat, my focus is on keeping our government accountable, our environment clean, and our community safe. We can and should expect more from our elected officials. We don’t have to settle for those that simply maintain the status quo. I am committed to serving Travis County to the best of my abilities. I would appreciate your vote.

Please don’t forget to vote on November 8th in the General Election.

Thanks for your support,
Stacy Suits